Apr 29 | 11:30 - 12:05

Why brands should break up with Amazon and join curated marketplaces

Room: Master Stage


With news of Nike coming off of Amazon, curated marketplaces are looking like an even more attractive platform for brands to join. Hear from two Platform Pioneers that have successfully leveraged their curated marketplace approach to work with brands in order to strengthen their own brand DNA.


Mirakl powers your platform business strategy by allowing you to quickly launch an online marketplace. Marketplaces allow companies to easily add products and services by connecting third-party sellers and service providers. The Mirakl Marketplace Platform automates the hard things about marketplace management: Seller onboarding, service quality control, and order distribution; on a turn-key solution that’s easy to integrate into any e-commerce platform. Mirakl Catalog Manager makes it easy to manage product data quality at marketplace scale. Over 200 customers in 40 countries trust Mirakl’s proven expertise and technology.


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